Top Cities for Remote Workers

Identifying the best cities for remote work involves several key factors: reliable internet speed, a comfortable and safe environment, and a supportive community for remote workers.

According to a recent ranking by Forbes Advisor, some of the best cities for remote work in 2023 include Austin, TX; Raleigh, NC; and Denver, CO. These cities offer a great balance of quality-of-life metrics and the necessary infrastructure for productive remote work.

Regardless of whether you’re just starting to work from home or are a seasoned remote worker, targeting cities with these characteristics can significantly enhance your remote working experience.

A city with blazing-fast Wi-Fi and numerous co-working spaces makes it a great place for those working from home or those with a remote job.

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The Appeal of Remote Work

The appeal of remote work largely rests in its flexibility. You can work from home, a cafe, or even while traveling, making any place a place to work remotely. This flexibility attracts many people, as it allows for a better work-life balance.

For remote employees, the freedom to work from anywhere minimizes the stress of commuting and offers the flexibility to manage personal commitments more effectively.

Living in cities in the world with plenty of Wi-Fi hotspots easily accessible makes it even more convenient to work from different places throughout the day. Also, it’s crucial to consider cities with the best internet services to avoid any connectivity hitches.

Overall, the appeal of remote work hinges on flexibility, freedom, and the ability to find your ideal place for remote work.

The Rise of Digital Nomadism

Digital nomadism encourages telecommuting. Traveling digital nomads use tech. They work with a laptop and internet in the world’s most beautiful places. A professional lifestyle helps one experience diverse cultures and lovely locales.

Take, for example, the city of Chiang Mai in Thailand. This vibrant city has become a hub for digital nomads due to its affordable cost of living, reliable internet connection, and welcoming community.

Digital nomads work at hip cafes and visit temples and night markets at night. Chiang Mai is suitable for work-adventure seekers because to its modern conveniences and rich culture.

Another popular digital nomad destination is Bali. Bali’s beaches, lush terrain, and vibrant arts scene make it a unique remote work destination. Island yoga retreats and wellness centers promote self-care, while coworking spaces stimulate collaboration. 

The Freedom of Location Independence

Remote work’s location independence appeals. People can create their ideal atmosphere in a hectic city or a peaceful seaside village by living and working there.

Remote workers are more financially independent since they can avoid huge city living expenditures. Moving to cheaper areas may save remote workers money and enhance their lives.

Remote workers seeking a tranquil beach lifestyle may consider Tulum, Mexico. White sandy beaches, turquoise oceans, and ancient Mayan ruins make Tulum a natural and cultural wonder.

The town’s hippie ambiance inspires remote workers while providing modern amenities and a bustling digital nomad culture.

Best Cities for Remote Workers

When determining the best cities for remote workers, several factors come into play. The cost of living, internet connectivity, co-working spaces, and quality of life are among the most important considerations.

Let’s take a closer look at these criteria and why they matter.

Cost of Living Considerations

The cost of living plays a crucial role in determining the viability of a city for remote work. While remote work often offers the opportunity to save money compared to traditional office jobs, certain cities may still be more affordable than others.

Consider housing, transportation, and basic goods and services prices. Remote workers can enjoy more financial independence and a higher standard of living in lower-cost cities.

Internet Connectivity and Co-Working Spaces

For remote workers, a reliable and fast internet connection is vital. Cities that offer extensive and high-speed internet coverage are more likely to attract remote professionals. Additionally, the availability of co-working spaces is a major advantage.

These collaborative workplaces let remote workers work, network, and cooperate with like-minded people. Remote workers are more likely to feel connected in cities with significant co-working scenes.

Quality of Life Factors

While work is an important aspect of life, it’s equally important to have a good quality of life outside of work. Factors such as safety, healthcare, education, entertainment options, and cultural experiences contribute to an overall high quality of life.

Cities that offer a wide range of amenities and a welcoming environment for remote workers are more likely to be favored in this list. After all, remote workers seek a well-rounded experience that allows them to thrive personally and professionally.

best cities for remote workers
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In-Depth Look at the Top 10 Cities To Work Remotely

Taking an in-depth look, Austin, TX, emerges as one of the best places for remote work, with its dynamic culture and high-speed internet. Boulder, CO, offers a calm, scenic location for remote workers coupled with its strong tech presence.

Cities like Toronto, Canada, and Amsterdam, Netherlands, offer remote workers easy access to quality infrastructure and global connectivity. Rounding up the top 10 are Denver, CO, and Atlanta, GA, known for above average internet speeds and public Wi-Fi availability.


  • Austin, TX – High-tech hub, excellent internet speed
  • Boulder, CO – Strong tech presence, picturesque environment
  • Nashville, TN and Raleigh, NC – Affordable, rapid growth in tech sectors
  • Seattle, WA and San Francisco, CA – Vibrant tech scene, abundant free Wi-Fi
  • Toronto, Canada & Amsterdam, Netherlands – Global connectivity, quality infrastructure
  • Denver, CO and Atlanta, GA – Above-average internet speed, great Wi-Fi availability

Cities With The Best Internet Access For Remote Workers

For those in a remote position, speedy and stable internet is a must. The flexibility to work from anywhere isn’t quite as appealing if the internet connection is poor. A city also plays its part in providing the necessary infrastructure for reliable internet access.

Austin, TX, for instance, not only boasts a vibrant culture but also offers one of the fastest average internet speeds in the United States. Similarly, cities like Seattle, WA, and San Francisco, CA, provide robust internet services, making them a great place for remote workers.

There are plenty of cities globally which offer dependable internet too. According to Nomad List, Taipei, Taiwan is one of the top cities to live in for digital nomads due to its high-speed internet.

Cities With The Best Lifestyle Amenities For Remote Workers

For remote workers in the U.S., finding a city that has more than just good Wi-Fi is essential. A great place to live hits the sweet spot of work and leisure, providing lifestyle amenities that enhance daily living.

Some cities in the top 10, like Austin, TX, and San Francisco, CA, offer diverse recreational activities and events throughout the city. These cities provide a perfect blend of work connectivity for remote workers and leisure amenities.

This mix sets them apart compared to other places, making them ideal choices for the remote lifestyle.

The Pros and Cons:  Best Cities For Remote Workers In The US

When it comes to determining the best places to live for remote work, each city offers its pros and cons. Austin, for instance, boasts a vibrant tech scene while maintaining a lower cost of living, making it easy for remote workers to thrive.

Meanwhile, living in Nashville is affordable and offers plenty of opportunities to move around the city, but one might find the city’s rapid development daunting.

Austin, TX    Thriving tech scene and low cost of living    Rising congestion
Boulder, CO    Beautiful outdoor spaces    High cost of living
Seattle, WA    Good for global work timings    High living costs
Nashville, TN    Affordable and accessible city    

Rapid urban development

What Makes a City a Place to Work Remotely

A city becomes a perfect place for remote work when it combines robust internet with a comfortable lifestyle. High download speeds and reliable internet are fundamental needs for remote workers who need to connect anywhere in the world.

The right city is one that also offers a good cost of living and lifestyle amenities. Moreover, some cities around the world have time zone advantages, easing international collaboration.

The options a location offers beyond work can make it a more appealing choice for remote work.

Evaluating Amenities for Remote Workers in the U.S

It’s essential for remote workers to evaluate a city’s amenities before settling in. Stellar internet speeds and availability are crucial by default, but other factors level up a city as a great spot for remote work.

If you want to get away, a city with abundant nature and outdoor activities becomes a fantastic place after work hours. Some cities have neighborhoods that makes it easy to find co-working spaces where you can spend your days among other remote workers.

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